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Number-One-Best is a Big Claim. Read on…

Since 2004 it has been my privilege to sell over 100 of most amazing Privately-Owned businesses in Southern California. Along the way, I’ve had an opportunity to meet and see in action the creative business forces who built these masterpieces. It has been and still is an inspiring experience that keeps me excited every day.

We are in this together…

An Entrepreneur / Business Owner myself, I believe in the small business Entrepreneurial Free Spirit. Those of us who follow their heart and do what they believe without worrying about what “Corporate” or “The Boss” will think. I respect all Entrepreneurs and relish the company of these kindred free spirits. For those of you who yearn for freedom and unlimited opportunity, you are encouraged to join us. It’s an interesting and worthwhile journey.

High Quality Representation for High Quality Businesses

Select Business Sales is a Boutique Business Brokerage specializing in selling High-Quality Businesses and providing High-Quality Representation. Boutique means it is just me. There is no team here because in the Business Brokerage industry “Team” means a significant dilution of experience, focus and representation quality. Most Buyers, Sellers and  Myself included, do not want to directly or indirectly be a “Training Ground” for New Inexperienced Brokers, Marginal-Performers, Corporate Leftovers and worse who comprise the bulk of most indiscriminate hiring “Fill-the-Seat with Anyone” Straight-Commission Sales Organizations; Business Broker Offices included. With a pitiful 95% Industry-Wide New Business Broker Failure Rate one can readily estimate their probability of talking with a “destined to fail” Broker. Although better than nothing, the “Certified Business Broker (CBB)” designation is a course aptly named “Business Broker 101″ because the curriculum is rudimentary and no substitute for even one year of experience. I realize, my perspective on the industry appears jaded and cynical but after 13 years of observing the poor results of the “Team Approach” and indiscriminate hiring I think “realistic” is more apt.

Less Means More…Much More.

In this case Boutique, or “it’s just me” means one Business Broker getting better results than a “Team” of 10-20  Business Brokers. Showcasing the effectiveness of a high-quality representation, my personal Gross Transaction Revenue (GTR) in 2016 was $8.5 Million (click on “Recent Successful Transactions” on top Navigation Bar to see list). In the first four months of 2017 GTR is already $3 Million and headed for another excellent year. To put the numbers into perspective, an entire Office “Team” of ten Business Brokers  does an average of about $5.5 Million GTR a year.

Concentration of Effort Gets Out-Sized Results

High-Quality Representation means maintaining a very selective Engagement Inventory of just 2-5 High-Quality Engagements, then pouring in about 1500% more time preparing the business for market, providing Buyers with the highest-quality MBA written 12-18 page prospectus and pour on liberal Marketing and Advertising dollars to get the desired Buyer response rates. This High-Quality approach contrasts sharply with the Industry Standard of “Anything-You-Can-Get” Listings and minimal preparation 1-2 page prospectus. Because of complex Commission Splits between the Brokerage House, Partners, Vice Presidents, Managers, Listing Broker and Selling Broker plus Rent and Administrative Overhead, there is little budget left for the all important Marketing and Advertising.

Buyer’s appreciate the high quality offerings, they constantly compliment my Business Prospectus as the best and most comprehensive they have seen and call me regularly to make sure they do not miss out on a new listing. Not being time-stressed by excessive listings and being readily accessible to buyers to spend an hour on the phone whenever necessary is another benefit of the High-Quality approach. The upshot, about a 90% List to Closing Percent versus the Industry Average of about 25%. Clearly a “Rifle” versus “Shotgun” approach. One can easily  imagine which approach results in happier Clients.

Should we talk?

If you have done an amazing job building your business masterpiece in the $1 Million Annual Revenue to $20 Million Annual Revenue range and want the very best representation available…Perhaps we should talk.

Hoke Nagahori



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