Recent Successful Transactions

Recent Sales. Unmatched Expertise in the $1Million plus price range:

Whereas most Business Brokers have never sold a business over $1 Million, and a few sell one every three or four years, Hoke Nagahori has a track record of recent sales and proven experience in the $1Million plus price range that is unmatched. Because of the more sophisticated buyers, sellers, attorneys, accountants, heavy reliance on financial documentation and the increased demand for financing alternatives, the larger transaction size is a class by itself that requires an experienced and savvy Business Broker to keep the deal on track.

April 2015: Treatment Clinic,  Sale Price: $2,400,000 for 50% Share

May 2015: Equipment Repair Service, Largest Independent in US, Sale Price: $1,250,000

August 2015: Personal Service Related, Sale Price: $450,000

December 2015: Financial Service Related Sale Price: $2,500,000

January 2016: Personal Service Related: Sale Price: $1,350,000

March 2016: Distribution / E-Commerce, Sale Price: $1,400,000

April 2016: Financial Service Related: $4,500,000

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Although I have sold nearly every type of business, it is not necessary that I have sold a particular type of business to be successful. After about 30 hours of Pre-Market Research, I become an expert on any business from the Buyer’s perspective.

If I have not sold a business in a certain industry is not a hindrance. As preparation to putting a business on the market, I spend about 30 hours researching the business’s financial status, competition, competition strengths and weaknesses, customer demographics, customer base and composition, customer concentration, organization, employee tenure, customer pay habits, suppliers, supplier backup, business model, industry trends, availability of acquisition financing, pricing comps, pricing comp range to name a few items. This information is then incorporated into a professionally  written 12 – 18 page Business Summary that literally answers about 95% of all buyer questions. In the process of doing the research, I become an expert on the business from the Buyers Perspective.  In 30 hours I will never reach the level of expertise as the Seller, however, I will be able to answer most of the Buyer’s questions in a positive way that makes sense to them.

I provide the answers a buyer wants to know even if they didn’t know what question to ask

Having sold about 100 businesses, the expertise I bring to the table is how to explain the business in terms the buyer wants to hear. This is really what matters, not just spouting numbers and facts. As an example a buyer may ask “how many orders per day does the business receive?” A factual answer may be “twenty”. However accurate, that is not the answer the Buyer really needed to know. The buyer may really be trying to figure out “how much workload does the staff presently have?”. In this case the answer is “they get twenty orders per day which seems like a lot but because the Order Processing systems are fully automated, the actual capacity is about 50% leaving plenty of room for you to grow the business without adding additional staff”. After 12 years of listening to tens of thousands of Buyer questions, I know the answer the Buyer is probably looking for even if Buyer did not ask the right question. Buyers like working with me because they feel they are getting the information they really want to know.

Other Types of Businesses Hoke Nagahori has sold:

Apparel Retail
Auto Repair
Auto Retail
Bar / Billiards / Restaurant
Beauty Products Manufacturing
Beauty Supply
Bridal Retail
Cake Shop
Cell Phone Accessories
Cellular Retail
CNC Machine Shop
Coffee Shop
Coin Laundry
Copy Products Wholesale
Costume Retail
Door and Window Retail
Durable Goods Importer
Elevator Sales and Installation
Facial Spa
Fast Food Franchise
Fish Restaurant
Furniture Retail
Gift Retail
Glass Manufacturer
Grocery Market
Hair Salon / Spa
Hallmark Store
Home Furnishings Retail
Internet Shopping Site
Juice Shop
Massage Shop
Medical Spa
Music Retailer
Nightclub / Restaurant
Pet Retail
Pizza Restaurant
Plastic Injection Molding
Print Shop
Printer Supplies Wholesale
Produce Market
Restaurant / Bar
Sandwich Shop
Souvenir Shop
Specialty Coffee Shop
Sunglass Retail
Sushi Restaurant
T Shirt Shop
Tailor Shop
Textbook Retail
Textbook Wholesale
Toy Retail
Video Games Retail
Wedding Cake Bakery
Wood Products Manufacturing
Yoga Studio

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