Does A Seller Really Need A Business Broker?

By Hoke - Last updated: Friday, August 6, 2010 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

As a successful Business Owner you are an expert in your industry and dealing with your Customers. No one knows more than you about your business. So why have a Business Broker sell it? Fair question.

Selling a business is a different paradigm from operating the same business. Selling a business is a bit like entering a “Parallel Universe” from operating the business. Much is the same, yet the nuances and emphasis make it different. You are an expert on your Customer’s requirements and your products. However, Business Buyers have different priorities than your Product Buyers. The priority of Business Buyers is to make a sound financial investment.

Having someone on your team who clearly understands those priorities will help you anticipate and quickly addresses the Buyer’s requirements and questions in a format and context that casts your business in the best light.

Also, the Business Broker should explain and manage the Business Sales Process to keep the parties comfortable at each stage, anticipate and solve problems to keep the process moving forward.

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