We view ourselves as one of the best Business Brokers in Southern California. Our many satisfied Clients will be pleased to reiterate this point.  See what our Clients had to say.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe that we must strive to add value to every transaction through our expertise, problem solving ability and sincere effort. We consider our position of trust an honor. We shall make every effort to use our knowledge to protect our Clients. We believe that placing our Clients interests and well-being ahead of our own will serve us by bringing long term success.

Our Business

Our scope is to represent businesses with Annual Revenues from about $1 Million to $20 Million. We have successfully completed nearly 100 transactions. Our experience is that Buyers view a business acquisition as an investment. We are General Business Brokers in the sense that the financial model of how the business interacts with its environment is a primary consideration. So our emphasis is on the financial aspects of any transaction.

We believe that a focused effort on a select, smaller group of listings, enhances Client and Broker satisfaction via less Time On Market, Quicker Listing Turnover and Fast Broker Response.

We enjoy an intriguing challenge. Recently, we sold a business with less than 10 months of history for $2.7 Million.

Today, you need a Business Broker with experience, creativity, persistence and a list of reliable, proven contacts.

If you have an interesting situation, we are problem solvers. Please call!

About the Managing Broker, Hoke Nagahori

One of the most prolific Business Brokers in Southern California, since 2003 Hoke Nagahori has completed nearly 100 successful transactions. He has worked with a wide spectrum of businesses including Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs.

Starting at a large Southern California Business Brokerage, he immediately set the sales record for a first-year new Business Broker, joining the top echelon. Needing a new challenge and wanting to focus on personalized, quality Client service, he founded Select Business Sales in 2005. After eleven successful years of Business Brokerage, Hoke still enjoys the independent energy of Entrepreneurial Clients and the challenge of getting the deal done.

Prior to becoming a Business Broker, he owned and managed a plastic manufacturer with over 150 employees for 14 years and later was an executive with electronic manufacturers and an international public corporation.

A Southern California Native, he attended the University of Southern California where he was awarded a Masters of Business Administration and Long Beach State University where he earned a BS in Business Administration.



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